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Recent Michiana Fire/EMS News

Fire Sweeps Castle Point Apartments

CLAY TOWNSHIP FIRE DEPARTMENT (St. Joseph County, Indiana): 11-9-98

      Fire struck the Castle Point Apartments again, this time causing
minor damage.  The fire started about 6:15 pm at 3016 Royal Huntsman
Ct. after a fire was discovered in an electrical closet.  The fire was
brought under control in about 10 minutes by Clay Township Firefighters
with the help of German and Harris Township Fire Departments.  Damage 
was estimated at $40,000 and no injuries were reported.

Photo by: Jamie Joyce (Courtesy of Clay Twp. Fire & Rescue Website) 

Fire in South Bend Forces an Aerial Attack

SOUTH BEND FIRE DEPARTMENT (South Bend, Indiana):  Sept. 1998

      South Bend firefighters responded to this working house fire on
Blaine Street on the Northwest side of the city.  After an interior 
attack, Quint Company 7 hit the structure with its aerial master stream.
Units on scene: E2, E4, E7, E11, Q7, R1, BC103, EMS1660, M?

Photo by: Chris Martin

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